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Saturday, July 02, 2005 2005 - Live: With_Teeth_2005 [Summer_05] European Tour

Festival Park (Werchter)
Werchter Festival



  1. The Frail
  2. The Wretched
  3. Wish
  4. March Of The Pigs
  5. The Line Begins To Blur
  6. Something I Can Never Have
  7. The Hand That Feeds
  8. With Teeth
  9. Terrible Lie
  10. Burn
  11. Closer
  12. Gave Up
  13. Hurt
  14. Head Like A Hole

Stats by Album

  1. The Downward Spiral : 3
  2. With Teeth : 3
  3. Pretty Hate Machine : 3
  4. The Fragile : 2
  5. Broken : 2
  6. Natural Born Killer Soundtrack : 1

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Werchter – July 02 2005

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Werchter – July 02 2005

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NIN Line Up

Aaron North

Alessandro Cortini

Jeordie White

Jerome Dillon

Trent Reznor

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Dark Entries Wednesday, June 01, 2005PromoWerchter – July 02 2005

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RecorderEquipment usedQualityComments
Audience TV broadcastmulticam part of March of the Pigs, The Wretched/and Wish

: less than 5 songs    : few songs missing    : no song missing but a few cuts    complete show

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