happiness in heresy

Tuesday, July 31, 1990 - Hate Tour

RPM (Toronto)

General Comment

Setlist based on the only Hate tour show setlist known. it's seems to be always the same so..

Incomplete/Not sure Setlist

At this time the complete setlist is not known or 100% sure


  1. Terrible Lie
  2. Sin
  3. Something I Can Never Have
  4. Sanctified
  5. That's What I Get
  6. Suck
  7. The Only Time
  8. Get Down, Make Love
  9. Ringfinger
  10. Down In It
  11. Head Like A Hole

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Show Ticket

Ticket : $CA18.00
Toronto – July 31 1990

Ticket 1

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NIN Line Up

Chris Vrenna

Lee Mars

Richard Patrick

Trent Reznor

Infos on Press

The Toronto Star Friday, July 06, 1990PromoToronto – July 31 1990
Billboard Saturday, July 21, 1990PromoToronto – July 31 1990
The Toronto Star Friday, July 27, 1990PromoToronto – July 31 1990

Video Record

RecorderEquipment usedQualityComments
PRO TV broadcast? Part of Suck, The Only Time and interview. probably a complete video somewhere..

: less than 5 songs    : few songs missing    : no song missing but a few cuts    complete show

On The Same Bill


Probable Stats by Album

  • Pretty Hate Machine (9 songs)
    - Down In It - Head Like A Hole - Kinda I Want To - Ringfinger - Sanctified - Sin - Something I Can Never Have - Terrible Lie - That's What I Get - The Only Time -
  • Queen Cover (1 song)
    - Get Down, Make Love -
  • Broken (1 song)
    - Gave Up - Happiness In Slavery - Help Me I Am In Hell - Last - Physical (You're So) - Pinion - Suck - Wish -

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