happiness in heresy

Saturday, February 02, 1991 - Sin Tour

Tijuana – February 02 1991Iguanas (Tijuana)

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Can find a small audience video of Sweat Engine.. so probably NIN also recorded...
Setlist not sure (songs sure are from the review) but probably the same than San Francisco a day before and Los Angeles Helter Skelter 3 days after

Incomplete/Not sure Setlist

At this time the complete setlist is not known or 100% sure

  1. Intro Song
  2. Untitled Instrumental ≈02:40
  3. Set
  4. Terrible Lie ≈05:01
  5. Sin ≈04:14
  6. Something I Can Never Have ≈06:21
  7. Sanctified ≈05:34
  8. That's What I Get ≈04:31
  9. Suck ≈04:18
  10. The Only Time ≈05:11
  11. Get Down, Make Love ≈03:19
  12. Ringfinger ≈05:48
  13. Down In It ≈04:27
  14. Head Like A Hole ≈05:28

Estimated Time : 00:56:52

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  • United States
An amazing show, the only one of the six shows I saw during the Pretty Hate Machine touring cycle where they played everything that had been released. All of Pretty Hate Machine, Suck, and Get Down Make Love. I snuck a Polaroid camera (terrible camera choice) into the show and the rubber viewfinder piece that you look into broke off in the pit. So my face kept getting scratched up trying to take... otos. I have several photos I shot, some blurry but I had one blown up (photo shown in archive) and had Trent sign it the following year in 1992 while he was doing an appearance on Request Video in Anaheim, CA to promote Broken.

I was there !

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Tijuana – February 02 1991

Event Flyer

Tijuana – February 02 1991

Event Flyer

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Ticket : $12.00
Tijuana – February 02 1991

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Tijuana – February 02 1991

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NIN Line Up

Jeff Ward

Lee Mars

Richard Patrick

Trent Reznor

Infos on Press

The Los Angeles Times Wednesday, January 09, 1991PromoTijuana – February 02 1991
The Los Angeles Times Wednesday, January 30, 1991PromoTijuana – February 02 1991
The Los Angeles Times Friday, February 01, 1991PromoTijuana – February 02 1991
UCSD Guardian Monday, February 04, 1991Great review !Tijuana – February 02 1991

On The Same Bill

Sweat Engine

Probable Stats by Album

  • Pretty Hate Machine (9 songs)
    - Down In It - Head Like A Hole - Kinda I Want To - Ringfinger - Sanctified - Sin - Something I Can Never Have - Terrible Lie - That's What I Get - The Only Time -
  • Broken (1 song)
    - Gave Up - Happiness In Slavery - Help Me I Am In Hell - Last - Physical (You're So) - Pinion - Suck - Wish -
  • Queen Cover (1 song)
    - Get Down, Make Love -
  • NIN Unreleased (1 song)
    - Maybe Just Once - Non-Entity - Not So Pretty Now - Now I’m Nothing - Untitled Instrumental -

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