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Friday, April 13, 1990 - Peter Murphy Deep Tour Support

The Floodzone (Richmond)

General Comment

No real proof that Head Like a Hole wasn't played..



  1. Terrible Lie 04:40 - 35s of kind of intro before the real beginning. Mic trouble (no sound) during the fourth "Don't take it away from me". Need 30s to fix part of the trouble. the band keep playing during this time ! Strange ending as the trouble was probably still here.
  2. Sin 03:33 - mic cuts out lyric "I gave you my purity and my purity you stole" .. Trent reacts after with the lyrics "...stale incense, shitty microphones, and lies lies lies.."
  3. Sanctified 05:32
  4. That's What I Get 04:19 - Seems to have a piano trouble. Trent during intro "fuck ! Mick... keep me away of that". seems to have some trouble in the middle of the song.
  5. Get Down, Make Love 03:10 - Probably some guitar trouble in the middle. 2min of trouble fixing at the end of the song
  6. "Thank you, sorry…every fucking thing on stage is broken right now ! .....So every time you hear this sound, [mic bang four times], that means something's fucked up and I'm going to fix it""
  7. Ringfinger 05:38 - after 1min21s, Trent : "See, I should be playing right here but there's no fucking guitar anymore so imagine guitar". Guitar comes back near the end.
  8. "Fuck ???"
  9. Down In It 04:21

Total Time : 00:31:13

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Richmond – April 13 1990

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Ticket : $15.00

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Richmond – April 13 1990

Peter Murphy Tour Tshirt (black)

Richmond – April 13 1990

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NIN Line Up

Chris Vrenna

David Haymes

Richard Patrick

Trent Reznor

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Peter Murphy

Stats by Album

  • Pretty Hate Machine (6 songs)
    - Down In It - Head Like A Hole - Kinda I Want To - Ringfinger - Sanctified - Sin - Something I Can Never Have - Terrible Lie - That's What I Get - The Only Time -
  • Queen Cover (1 song)
    - Get Down, Make Love -

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