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Thursday, July 12, 1990

Hate 1990

Chestnut Cabaret (Philadelphia) *Cancelled*


no setlist cause no show !

Show Ticket

Looking for any ticket scan

NIN Line Up

Chris Vrenna

Lee Mars

Richard Patrick

Trent Reznor

Infos on Press

Philadelphia Daily News Tuesday, May 29, 1990PromoPhiladelphia – July 12 1990
Courier Post Sunday, June 10, 1990PromoPhiladelphia – July 12 1990
The Morning Call Thursday, July 12, 1990Promo the day of the show for an 3 others bands than NIN. Proof NIN finally didn't playedPhiladelphia – July 12 1990
Asbury Park Press Thursday, July 12, 1990Proof that this particular day Meat Beat Manifesto played alone (probably) in an other venuePhiladelphia – July 12 1990


  • The_bang for some of the press scans and proof the show had been cancelled

General Comments

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  • says :
    at 16 h 43 min

    That promo is a month and a half out from the date. Drexel Univ. and Chestnut Cabaret are a half mile from each other. Would they really play two shows that close to each other? Maybe Drexel got scheduled later, so they then cancelled Chestnut and slotted in a date at Green Parrrot instead in the previous Chestnut date?

    • says :
      at 20 h 00 min

      I can't believe in Green Parrot in July as I think they played there in March : https://happinessinheresy.com/nine-inch-nails-concert/neptune-march-04-1990/ I know this is during the Mary Chain tour, and during the second Ritz show. In this case, the promo is 2 days before ! But maybe they cancelled in March and played in July.. definitely need more investigations. In fact, I need to discover how Green parrot had been indicated in July. This old list is really good so the guys had probably a proof I didn't discovered

    • says :
      at 19 h 49 min

      Todd, thanks a lot for this very clever info ! This date probably need more investigations ! I will check more carefully the newspapers just in case I missed something.

  • says :
    at 16 h 50 min

    Further, this guy has a list of concerts he attended, and he went to a lot of concerts at Chestnut Cabaret, as well as a lot of NIN shows: http://musictravel.free.fr/concerts/concerts90.htm He specifically went to NIN at Drexel and not Chestnut. So, Chestnut probably didn't happen.