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Tuesday, September 03, 1991 1991 - The Wonder Stuff Lovin' The World Tour Support

Elysée Montmartre (Paris)



  1. Now I’m Nothing 01:10
  2. Terrible Lie 05:20
  3. Sin 04:13
  4. Physical (You're So) 05:00
  5. The Only Time 05:28
  6. Wish 04:06
  7. Down In It 04:17
  8. "We just do this cause we won't get paid if we stop now but we don't give a fuck. I just wanted you to know that. We don't give a shit about you. We hate your fucking country. You're real fucking assholes and we don't give a shit, fuck you. If you're gonna throw shit as us ??"
  9. Head Like A Hole 01:06 - abandoned

Total Time : 00:30:40

Stats by Album

  1. Pretty Hate Machine : 5
  2. Broken : 2
  3. NIN Unreleased : 1

Show Ticket

Paris – September 3 1991

Ticket 1

NIN Line Up

James Woolley

Jeff Ward

Richard Patrick

Trent Reznor

Infos on Press

Club Carter Unknown dateTravel offer. It seems Sonic Youth was the second Band instead of NIN !Paris – September 3 1991
NIN official newsletter Monday, August 05, 1991Echo without dateParis – September 3 1991

Audio Record

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Audience Unknown?

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Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

The Wonder Stuff

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