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Thursday, November 07, 2013 2013 - Out Of Tension 2013

Jimmy Kimmel Live (Los Angeles)



  1. Various Methods Of Escape 04:24
  2. All Time Low 06:46
  3. Sanctified 05:01
  4. Came Back Haunted 05:59
  5. The Hand That Feeds 03:47

Total Time : 00:25:57

Stats by Album

  1. Hesitation Marks : 3
  2. Pretty Hate Machine : 1
  3. With Teeth : 1

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Los Angeles – November 07 2013

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Los Angeles – November 07 2013

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NIN Line Up

Alessandro Cortini

Ilan Rubin

Josh Eustis

Lisa Fischer

Pino Palladino

Robin Finck

Sharlotte Gibson

Trent Reznor

Infos on Press

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Thursday, November 07, 2013PromoLos Angeles – November 07 2013

Audio Record

RecorderEquipment usedQuality Comments
Audience Mixter_Slave Sound Ultra Stealth Omnis + Custom BB + Edirol R09 Amazing record

: less than 5 songs    : few songs missing    : no song missing but a few cuts    complete show

Video Record

RecorderEquipment usedQualityComments
PRO TV broadcastmulticam From Jimmy Kimmel You Tube accound, for ABC channel - only Various Methods of Escape and All Time Low
Audience Phone / little cam userNokia 808 At least Sanctified / The Hands that feeds / Came Back Haunted from first row middle ! great sound and good view !

: less than 5 songs    : few songs missing    : no song missing but a few cuts    complete show

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