happiness in heresy

Sunday, June 24, 2018 - Sold Out Show 2018 - Europe 2018

Royal Albert Hall (London)



  1. Branches / Bones 01:52
  2. Wish 04:10
  3. Less Than 03:38
  4. March Of The Pigs 04:23
  5. Piggy 05:08
  6. The Frail 02:07
  7. The Lovers 04:09
  8. Reptile 07:02
  9. Shit Mirror 03:08
  10. Ahead Of Ourselves 03:31
  11. God Break Down The Door 04:35
  12. Parasite 04:54
  13. Copy Of A 06:38
  14. I Can't Give Everything Away 04:03
  15. The Background World 04:18
  16. The Great Destroyer 04:25
  17. Burning Bright (Field On Fire) 05:58
  18. Digital 02:46
  19. Head Like A Hole 04:51
  20. Encore 1

  21. Survivalism 04:32
  22. "i'm glad seeing you today. The first time I ever left..the US.. I came here...to record Pretty Hate Machine, and... I was scared out of my mind. I was by myself, I was in a place I didn't know anybody, and your beer was warm." (Laughter) "There was some weird shit going on. And I made a record, and I turned it in, and everybody said it sucked. And I thought, well, at least I got to go to London for a few weeks." (Cheers/applause.) "We would never have imagined that, however many years ago that was, we'd be here in a place like this playing to you guys, and we really wanna thank you for coming out." (Cheers/applause.) "I sincerely fucking mean that, thank you. I'd like to take a minute to introduce my band. Robin Finck, right here. Allesandro Cortini. Ilan Rubin. And London's very own, Atticus Ross. Thanks to our friends, Blackmoth Super Rainbow, for coming over here all this way to play, too. They're one of my favorites, thank you for being a cool band. I'll share another random observation: All the songs on the new record are fuckin' fast! Just thought I'd share that with you. Alright, here we go.""
  23. The Day The World Went Away 05:29
  24. Hurt 04:53

Total Time : 01:36:30

Stats by Album

  1. The Downward Spiral : 4
  2. Bad Witch : 3
  3. Add Violence : 3
  4. Not The Actual Events : 2
  5. The Fragile : 2
  6. Year Zero : 2
  7. David Bowie Cover : 1
  8. Broken : 1
  9. How To Destroy Angels (EP) : 1
  10. Joy Division Cover : 1
  11. Hesitation Marks : 1
  12. Pretty Hate Machine : 1

Show Poster/Flyer

London – June 24 2018

Event Poster
© Richey Beckett

London – June 24 2018

Event Poster (foil variant)
© Richey Beckett

Show Ticket

London – June 24 2018

Ticket 1

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London – June 24 2018


Show/Tour Goodies

London – June 24 2018

Europe Tour Tshirt

London – June 24 2018

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NIN Line Up

Alessandro Cortini

Atticus Ross

Ilan Rubin

Robin Finck

Trent Reznor

Audio Record

RecorderEquipment usedQuality Comments
Audience AFShure MV88 Motiv Mic + iPhone

: less than 5 songs    : few songs missing    : no song missing but a few cuts    complete show

Video Record

RecorderEquipment usedQualityComments
Audience Phone / little cam user? Survalism
Audience Phone / little cam user? Reptile

: less than 5 songs    : few songs missing    : no song missing but a few cuts    complete show

On The Same Bill

Black Moth Super Rainbow


  • Jamie for the long speed transcription before The Day The World Went Away

1 Fan at this show

Fan CountryRatingComments
ArnaudFranceEverything for the Paris gig was prepared when this new date was added ! RAH is just the BEST venue in Europe and I couldn't miss it. So a round-trip added. It was nearly impossible to buy ticket, even with the fan pass. I finished after refreshing 100 times the page with 2 hospitality tickets. I didn't really understand what it meant until I entered in a free alcool area ! Good eating, good fan meeting and quite drunk after 6 or 7 glasses. Perfect before a NIN show !
I was a little disappointed that the setlist wasn't so particular. The night finished at a Starbuck, waiting for the first train.... I will never forget it.
This night was also particular cause I was at this show and The Cure played a few miles away. 10 years ago I would be to this show and didn't care of NIN.

I was there !

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