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Wednesday, October 26, 1988

Skinny Puppy's VIVIsectVI Tour Support

Newport Music Hall (Columbus)

General Comment

According to audience comment, NIN wasn't the support band ! After a long search, The Wake was the opening band !

Not a NIN show !

Show Poster/Flyer


Columbus – October 26 1988

Generic Skinny Puppy Tour Poster

Show Ticket

Ticket : $9.00
Columbus – October 26 1988

Ticket 1

Looking for any ticket scan

Show Pass

Columbus – October 26 1988

Event Support Pass. for a The Wake member !

Infos on Press

? Unknown datePromoColumbus – October 26 1988

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  • says :
    at 6 h 42 min

    I was at the Skinny Puppy show at the Newport Music Hall on 10/26/88 and NIN was not there. The Wake were the openers for this show. I do remember another band was supposed to be the opener, but they had to cancel and The Wake filled in on short notice. I guess it is possible that NIN could have played before The Wake, but that is fairly unlikely.