happiness in heresy

Tuesday, November 15, 1988

Not really a concert...

Phantasy Nite Club (Lakewood, part of Cleveland)

Attendance : ? / ?

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General Comment

Date isn't sure at all but the feeling is that the video is after the Skinny Puppy few support dates. For sure this is probably a 1988 show (or beginning of 1989) as the band is without Richard Patrick..nothing is clear and we all wonder if the video label, made by Trent, is wrong or not about the year.. for sure this is not as support of Skinny Puppy !

Incomplete/Not sure Setlist

At this time the complete setlist is not known or 100% sure

  1. Set
  2. Sanctified 03:12
  3. Sex Dwarf 02:30

Total Time : 00:05:42

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Show Ticket

Looking for any ticket scan

NIN Line Up

Chris Vrenna

Ron Musarra

Trent Reznor

Video Record

RecorderEquipment usedQualityComments
PRO NIN Official? This is on the Closure DVD at about 10min50s.. said to be Cleveland 1989 but this is not Cleveland December 89 and not the Skinny Pupy 1988 date..

: less than 5 songs    : few songs missing    : no song missing but a few cuts    complete show

Probable Stats by Album

  • Pretty Hate Machine (1 song)
    - Down In It - Head Like A Hole - Kinda I Want To - Ringfinger - Sanctified - Sin - Something I Can Never Have - Terrible Lie - That's What I Get - The Only Time -
  • Soft Cell Cover (1 song)
    - Sex Dwarf -

General Comments

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  • says :
    at 12 h 23 min

    10/21/88 is the date. More info here. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2022/09/down-in-it-in-cleveland-reliving-nine-inch-nails-memorable-northeast-ohio-shows.html?outputType=amp

    • says :
      at 13 h 05 min

      According to me, this is a wrong date as it's clearly sure NIN wasn't the support band at Cleveland. It was Lesson 7 (my source is the singer of the band !)