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Saturday, December 03, 1994

NIN show #278

Self Destruct 1994 - Fall

Boston Gardens (Boston)

Attendance : 14 895 / 14 895 - Sold Out

General Comment

The rows of wooden seats are removed by the crowd during Wish, as Trent during Happiness In Slavery dislike not having a floor for mosh


  1. Intro Song
  2. Pinion 02:24
  3. Set
  4. Mr. Self Destruct 03:41
  5. "...I know you have to stay in your fucking seats... But that doesn't mean you have to be a bunch of fucking pussies !"
  6. Sin 04:25
  7. "You pigs...you fucking !.. Yah yah !"
  8. March Of The Pigs 03:52 - [2nd chorus] -> "Doesn't it make you feel better ? All of you sit in these chairs, it doesn't make me feel better"
  9. Piggy 05:14
  10. Reptile 06:15
  11. "This is my favorite song that I ever wrote, and if you don't like it : fuck you !"
  12. Gave Up 04:30
  13. "Oh you fucking dumb fuckers... Fucking slaves"
  14. Happiness In Slavery 07:44
  15. "You know what ?.. We shouldn't be playing here... We should NOT be playing here, in this fucking shithole. {??} fucking space, fucking {??}... I'd tell you that I realized that before, but... They just fucked up... Yeah, fuck you too... Cocksucker... You got some to say ?... I got shit to say... Alright, {??}, we'll play the show, but we shouldn't be here... But... I'm sorry you're not allowed to have fun, move around and dance, but that's the way this fucking dump works, you know ?.. I'd {??} up to you if I {??} "
  16. Eraser 04:55
  17. Hurt 04:56
  18. The Downward Spiral 04:00
  19. "Go !"
  20. Wish 03:38
  21. "Alright !... This is the one you wanted, thanks man !"
  22. Suck 04:06
  23. The Only Time 05:32
  24. Down In It 04:25
  25. "Hey Boston, if any of you fuckers would let me down... TAKE IT OUT !!... There's one more chance to beat the shit out of each other"
  26. Head Like A Hole 05:43 - 50s of guitar noise at the end
  27. Encore 1
  28. "Thank you... alright, you were great !... If we'd have enough songs, we'd play all night. But as it is, we'll do what we can, Thank you again, really... This is something you saw on MTV, {??} hit."
  29. Closer 06:11
  30. "This is a Joy Division song we did for The Crow"
  31. Dead Souls 05:58
  32. I Do Not Want This 06:19
  33. Something I Can Never Have 06:01

Total Time : 01:39:49

2 Fans at this show

Fan CountryRatingComments
  • United States
I had been a highschool teacher for about 3 year now at a small private boarding school in Western MA. The school would let kids go just about anywhere (legal) if they could get 10 participants and a willing driver/chaperone to take them. I had seen NIN several times by now and LOVED them. I easily got the ten kids and loaded up a van for the Saturday afternoon trip to Boston. We had... ent seats, stage right, one section up. Trent came on stage and visibly displeased by being in such a famous "sports arena"... He looked around at all the victory penants hung around the arena and then down at the seats on the floor, no open dance area.... I don't remember exactly when it started but the place went kind of crazy all at once... The people in front of the stage started lifting the seats up and passing them back past the barricades. It was then that my group of students all headed for the floor, I told them to meet at the van when it was over.
The show was AMAZING, and even more amazingly, all of my group made it back to the van, happy, exhausted and uninjured.
What a show!
Roger Shepard
  • United States
First time seeing Nine Inch Nails
Brought two friends who didn't really know the band at the time and they were blown away
It was uniquely special as a Bostonian knowing the Boston Garden would be closing and demolished in the next year
The show was epicand by the end everyone was exhausted and spent...just amazing

I was there !

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Ticket : $24.00
Boston – December 03 1994

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Boston – December 03 1994

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Boston – December 03 1994

NIN Tour Itinerary - Fall Part 3

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NIN Line Up

Chris Vrenna

Danny Lohner

James Woolley

Robin Finck

Trent Reznor

Infos on Press

The Boston Phoenix Friday, November 18, 1994PromoBoston – December 03 1994
The Boston Globe Thursday, December 01, 1994Great article and promo for the Boston date (not easy to read but it's in the bottom of the first column)Boston – December 03 1994
Iowell Sun Friday, December 02, 1994PromoBoston – December 03 1994
The Heights Monday, December 05, 1994ReviewBoston – December 03 1994
Daily News Wednesday, December 07, 1994Kind of review inside, about the damage during the show !Boston – December 03 1994
The Boston Phoenix Friday, December 09, 1994ReviewBoston – December 03 1994
Pollstar Monday, December 19, 1994info about the show (1/2)Boston – December 03 1994
Pollstar Monday, December 19, 1994info about the show (2/2)Boston – December 03 1994
Hartford Courant Tuesday, February 21, 1995Echo of the night trouble. The date of the show is wrong on this paper extract !Boston – December 03 1994

Audio Record

RecorderEquipment usedQuality Comments
Audience Bradley KaplanDAT + ? part is on the bootleg "Mansons Revenge"
Audience Unknown? complete record

: less than 5 songs    : few songs missing    : no song missing but a few cuts    complete show

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Stats by Album

  • The Downward Spiral (9 songs)
    - A Warm Place - Big Man With A Gun - Closer - Eraser - Heresy - Hurt - I Do Not Want This - March Of The Pigs - Mr. Self Destruct - Piggy - Reptile - Ruiner - The Becoming - The Downward Spiral -
  • Broken (5 songs)
    - Gave Up - Happiness In Slavery - Help Me I Am In Hell - Last - Physical (You're So) - Pinion - Suck - Wish -
  • Pretty Hate Machine (5 songs)
    - Down In It - Head Like A Hole - Kinda I Want To - Ringfinger - Sanctified - Sin - Something I Can Never Have - Terrible Lie - That's What I Get - The Only Time -
  • Joy Division Cover (1 song)
    - Atmosphere - Dead Souls - Digital - Twenty-Four Hours - Warsaw -

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