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Photo Live du concert de NIN

The Collector : NIN live history

1079 dates in the database included :
So, according to this database, there are at least 1003 real and 100% sure NIN concerts ( and probably a few more that still not to be found !)

The idea is quite simple : ALL dates in this site are nearly sure and have at least :

There is no copy of copy of copy of dates : there are enough sites that did this without any value added. Everything is checked twice before being online.

A setlist is always according to a record or good review for date before 2000. This is the only way to be sure.

Any Press/magazine/ticket/poster/pass/photos scan and even any help dealing with concert(s) is more than welcome !



newspaper about NIN 1952 Press articles in the database.

They are the proof of a potential show. Proof is clear when it's a review !

Live Photos

Trent Reznor Paris 2014 There are 3469 Live Photos classified by show.
It means 398 shows have illustrated pictures as proof of NIN on stage : a very good way for feeling part of the concert power and see band evolution.

Live Video

Video capture Even if this is completly impossible to feel a show by a video, it's always such a pleasure to watch one ! There are 427 live video (audience or pro), of course each time near the show's date !

Live audio

Video capture It's so great having an audio record of a show. Even if you hadn't assisted to this particular show, close your eyes and listen ! There are 1055 live audio !

Live Posters

Morrison – September 19 2018 Each poster is a kind of NIN creativity proof by an other artist. There are 717 echoes of this in this site !

Concert Tickets

Los Angeles – December 12 2018 There are 576 tickets inside. Just an tiny part of the each show as it begins by bying this tiny piece of paper.


t shirt 2018 There are 129 differents goodies listed giving proof for 684 shows. This is mainly tour or event t-shirts but not only !

Live papers

setlist las vegas 2018 There are 159 pieces of live papers listed : setlist or any other live informations.


pass There are 189 passes listed : working / VIP / backtage / photos.

Me, I'm not !

This site would not exist without Reflecting In The Chrome and all the great informations inside.