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Photo Live du concert de NIN

The Collector

20 years ago, I did a site with a lot of live infos about The Cure : setlist, lenght of song and so much datas. I was a taper, a trader and a huge fan.
Nowadays, I want the same for Nine Inch Nails !

The idea is quite simple : ALL dates in this site are nearly sure and have at least :

There is no copy of copy of copy of dates : there are enough sites that did this without any value added. Everything is checked twice before being online.

A setlist is always according to a record. This is the only way to be sure.


newspaper about NIN This is one of 533 the Press articles in the database.

For dates between 1988 and 1995, they are the proof of a potential show. Proof is clear when it's a review !
After 1995, Press article are mainly for review as the dates are nearly all clear.

Any scan dealing with concert(s) is more than welcome !

Live Posters

Morrison – September 19 2018 Each poster is a kind of NIN creativity proof by an other artist. There is 148 echoes of this in this site !

Concert Tickets

Los Angeles – December 12 2018 There is 96 tickets of this site. Just an tiny part of the each show as it begins by bying this tiny piece of paper.

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This site would not exist without Reflecting In The Chrome and all the great information inside.